Sowing Seeds – April 2022: How to identify all the chains in your life

Sowing Seeds is a series on Revitaled that provides inspiration and practical tips for growth and self-improvement. Our goal through this series is to provide readers with ways that they can strive towards positive, healthy lives.

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Revitaled Reintegration Services’ Operations Director and Counselling Lead, Cheddi Julien, is the proud creator of an internationally recognized blog, Motivating.Academy. As a mentor to at-risk youth for nearly 20 years, Cheddi has heard the same story being told over and over again. A young person makes a mistake that leads to a poor decision that leads to another poor decision, and another, and another. Before that person knows it, they are caught up in a lifestyle that they don’t really want to be in but feel they have no choice but to pursue.

Now a Pastor, Cheddi is counselling adults and youth who have made poor decisions. His faith-oriented approach to life coaching and counselling takes the form of a simple formula: the mistakes I’ve made versus the mistakes I’m about to make. His methods, which are adapted to be non-faith-oriented or faith-oriented (depending on the client’s preference), are designed to help clients identify the lifestyle patterns that have gotten them to the place that they are in. Primarily used to help individuals looking to make positive changes in their lives, his goal is to help them to break free from patterns leaving them stuck, and to pursue their dreams, goals, and ideal lifestyles.

BELOW IS AN EXCERPT OF ONE OF HIS MOST RECENT ARTICLES: How to identify all the chains in your life

This article uses faith-oriented values to develop practical tips that can help to push past barriers that are keeping individuals from reaching their goals.

Firstly, every one of us in this world has chains in our lives. As humans, we often find ourselves in situations where we struggle to achieve goals and dreams. Therefore, our many attempts to pursue these goals end up failing. You need to believe that you are a fighter and not a quitter, you are ambitious and never back down from a challenge. You need to believe that anything you pursue and fail at is a chain. Any need that you lack in your life is a chain. In an article I wrote, I mentioned that chains are meant to hold things in place. Therefore, the chains in your life are there to keep you from success. Also, all chains in your life come from the devil.

We need to search our lives and find the areas where we are lacking, failing and need to improve, then write them down.  Keeping a journal will help you to see change.  It will also highlight the area where you are stagnant and lack improvement.  Another helpful tip is to have a family member or a friend that you trust that will hold you accountable and help you stay on track. You can also reach out to us or an organization like us that can pray with you and together we will break every chain in Jesus’s name.

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