Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a religious organization?
No, Revitaled is not a religious organization. Members on our team identify as Christians, but we do not offer programming specifically for people belonging to the Christian faith. Additionally, our programs (i.e., workshops, coaching, support services, etc.) are not focused on discussing Christianity. Revitaled provides the best care possible for all clients no matter what their religious beliefs are.

Revitaled’s programming is built on a foundation of values that are attributed to Christianity, but are also regarded as moral or positive by our society. Forgiveness, love of others and self, perseverance, and resilience are some values that we use to create non-denominational and holistic programming for all clients. We offer this diverse programming to encourage growth in all areas of the self. Whether the client is working towards financial wealth, a growth mindset, occupational goals, or other areas of their lives, we use this foundation and other approaches to aid us in developing a programming plan that meets the client’s individual needs.

Revitaled does offer faith-based counselling to clients interested in this program; however, if this is not something that a client is interested in, there is other non-denominational counselling that we offer.

Where is your office located?
Currently, our team is working out of a temporary office located in Ajax, Ontario. We are available for in-person meetings, but only on an appointment basis. If you are interested in meeting with the Revitaled team please contact us, and we will provide you with our office address.

Is there a fee for your services?
No, all of our services are free.

Do you accept warm referrals?
Yes, we do accept warm referrals.

Are you funded?
Yes, our team has received funding for specific projects. We received funding for two specific projects in 2022 from Employment and Social Development Canada, and the Municipality of Clarington.

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