About Us

“‘For I will restore your health and I will heal
your wounds’ said the Lord, “because they
called you an outcast'”

Jerimiah 30:17

Our mission began in 2020, when we first decided to start Revitaled. The reason we decided to create a non-profit organization in this field came from hearing repetitive conversations about the lack of support for releasees, and families and communities impacted by crime.

Who is Revitaled?

Revitaled Reintegration Services is a small not-for-profit organization that aims to provide support programs and services to help navigating the justice system, such as releases and parolees for example. Additionally, we provide support to those who have received non-imprisonment sentences. We are also committed to providing support for families and individuals affected by violent crime.

Who we work witH

At this time, Revitaled works with adults, ages 18 and up, who are living in the Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. We are unable to work with those who have been convicted of a severe/indictable offence as outlined in the Canadian Criminal Code.

We also work with individuals and families that have been affected by violent crime.

We acknowledge the challenges impacting those who have to navigate the various levels of the criminal justice system. We work with this diverse population to provide healing and support to those that feel lost and forgotten due to the extensive turmoil brought on by the justice system’s complicated processes.

Mission Statement

The overarching vision for Revitaled Reintegration Services is quite simple: to build positive and healthy communities for all. Revitaled Reintegration Services uses a holistic, collaborative, person-centered and culturally-informed approach to provide support to those within different areas of the justice system, individuals, families, and groups affected by crime. Leading with faith, awareness, and empathy, we aim to foster restoration and healing, while rebuilding healthy communities.

Our Goals

To achieve our vision, we aim to accomplish the following goals:

  • To build positive, healthy communities for all.
  • To provide support for families and individuals impacted by violent crime.
  • To support positive physical and mental health of our clients by providing them with access to related counselling, information, or support group programs.
  • To reduce the recidivism rate of formerly incarcerated individuals, and those who have received non-imprisonment sentences across Durham Region.
  • To advance the education of our clients by providing them with leadership training and mentorship programs in tandem with community partners.
  • To work with community partners and stakeholders to assist clients through the process of finding long-term housing and employment.
  • To help clients to acquire basic life skills (i.e., technology operations, healthy communication, etc.) through training and mentorship programs.
  • To launch a series of specific holistic programming for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) clients, and diversion programs for youth by 2024.


  • To offer informal and formal counselling programs to clients, along with a mentorship program and weekly support group sessions.
  • To deliver housing and employment programs that encourage independent living.
  • To offer workshops on soft skills (cooking, communication, financial literacy, etc.).
  • To deliver leadership training and mentorship programs.
  • To deliver in-house and external support services that help families affected by violence to cope with their challenging experiences.

What makes Revitaled unique?

What distinguishes Revitaled from other criminal justice based organizations is that they focus on tangible changes; however, we focus on positive and holistic transformation in all of our clients. We are the first organization of its kind in the Durham Region, as we offer both holistic post-incarceration reintegration support and victim support services. All of our programs are uniquely rooted in a foundation of faith-based values through providing non-denominational and holistic programming. We offer this diverse programming to encourage growth in all areas of the self. As a small team, we are able to give each client the attention and focus that they need to rebuild and restore their lives.

Let’s build something together.