Our Services

We are happy that you are taking the first step in rebuilding your life, and that you have decided to start this journey with us.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of holistic reintegration services in tandem with our extensive list of community partners. We are also excited to be assisting you in this journey. As we walk step by step with you, we hope to assist you in accomplishing your goals, and in setting a foundation for your new life.

Please note that all programming streams are available to all registrants except for our H.A.L Program. Our H.A.L Program is only available to those identifying as a victim or survivor of crime, or are experiencing loss or grief due to criminal activity.

To register for our programs, please fill out our intake form. A Program Facilitator will contact you regarding next steps within 48 to 72 business hours.

Counselling and Mental Health Supports

Revitaled offers both informal and formal counselling supports.

Our informal “counsellingship” program is a blend between mentorship and counselling. With this individualized program, our Counselling Lead will help releasees to understand the root causes of their past decisions, and develop a plan to prevent re-offense. Our informal counsellingship program takes place through one-on-one sessions, optional faith-based counselling, and support groups.

We hope to launch our free psychotherapy sessions soon.

Housing Support Program

With our housing support programs, our goal is to aid releasees as they search and obtain long-term housing. Our approach to assisting clients is collaborative, as we work with other housing agencies and landlords to produce the best possible housing solutions for our clients. Our process includes:

  • Assisting clients as they conduct virtual searches for housing units.
  • Helping clients fill out the applications for housing.
  • Connecting clients with landlords.
  • Providing referrals for housing units and furniture banks.
  • Educating clients about their rights as tenants.

Employment Supports

Our team is committed to collaboratively working with local employment agencies and employers to help releasees obtain long-term employment. Our employment support program includes launching the following initiatives:

  • Providing jobs skills training and interview skills workshops
  • Conducting resume building workshops
  • Providing trade and soft skills courses
  • Assisting clients as they conduct virtual job searches and fill out applications

Webinars and Workshops

There are many individual exiting correctional facilities who have been separated from society for long periods of time. This adds an extra layer of challenges when trying to reintegrate into society. At the time of our project launch, we will be delivering virtual workshops and webinars on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Nutrition and healthy living
  • Financial Literacy
  • Positive communication and relationship building
  • Parenting and reconnecting with family
  • And more!

Our workshops and webinars will be uploaded to our online Learning Center, along with informative articles and resource lists.

Everyday Living Assistance

Our staff is committed to assisting our clients as they complete tasks necessary for their daily living. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Applying for identification
  • Applying for ODSP, Ontario Works, OSAP, etc.
  • Connecting with health care personnel
  • Applying for post-secondary education or adult learning
  • Connecting with legal counsel
  • And more!

The Hope After Loss (H.A.L) Program

To provide support for individuals and families that have been impacted by violence, we have launched a support program called H.A.L, which stands for Hope After Loss. To learn more, click the button below.

The road may seem lonely now, but with our guidance and prayers we know that God will be with you throughout this entire process.