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our recorded “connected communities” series is now live!
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🌿Welcome to Revitaled’s Connected Communities series, a recorded holistic wellness series as part of our H.A.L Program.

🧘🏿Connected Communities is an 8-week dynamic holistic wellness recorded series offered by Revitaled Reintegration Services to support female survivors of intimate partner violence. Led by counsellors and lived-experienced experts, Connected Communities aims to help participants begin the journey towards healing by increasing feelings of confidence, autonomy over decisions, awareness of available local support, and ultimately, connection with their community.

Watch the videos and participate in our survey to be entered into a draw to win a Wal-Mart gift card! The contest ends on December 16, 2022. Click here to be taken to the survey. Please note that there is one entry per person.

This project is funded by the Municipality of Clarington.

view the recent and upcoming episodes below

EPISODE 1: restorative yoga

episode 2: music therapy

EPISODE 3: mindful nourishment and healthy eating

Episode 4: Using ARt to express emotions

Episode 5: the art of mindfulness

Episode 6: Gaining financial empowerment

Episode 7: Building healthy and positive communication skills

Week 8: Connected Communities – A Self-care guidebook

The Hope After Loss (H.A.L.) Program is a DEVELOPING network of partners created to assist families and individuals who are coping with life-changing circumstances.

The affects of violent crime on families can be life-changing. Not only do families have to cope with the aftermath of these events, but they also have to deal with life-altering circumstances. This realization led to the creation of H.A.L.

H.A.L. is a collaborative initiative that provides families and individuals who have experienced the effects of violent crime with the support systems they need.

Our goal is that through receiving these supports, our collaborative team can provide families with:

  • Receiving closure and emotional support
  • Finding resources and referrals for individual and family support
  • Navigating institutional systems (e.g. Children’s Aid Society, regional police services, court systems, etc.)
  • and more!

We are currently seeking organizations to join this network of partners.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about H.A.L, feel free to book a meeting with our team.


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