Sowing Seeds – Jan 2022: Self-improvement through self-love

Sowing Seeds is a series on Revitaled that provides inspiration and practical tips for growth and self-improvement. Our goal through this series is to provide readers with ways that they can strive towards positive, healthy lives.

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Before you first wake up, before you brush your teeth, you are already loved

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of us to live in isolation away from our family, friends, and loved-ones. Isolation has led many of us to pay attention to ourselves in ways that we have not done so before. It’s challenging to see ourselves in a full, unfiltered manner. While this is a healthy thing to do, sometimes seeing the good, bad, and ugly in ourselves can lead us to embrace unhealthy perceptions about who we are.

We have to hold onto the truth in these false moments. The truth is that we are loved beyond description, and that we are deserving of this love; however, we cannot receive this love from others if we do not first love ourselves.

Here are three, practical steps to work towards self-improvement through self-love.

1. Make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We all have gifts that only we can uniquely use to inspire and help others. Through acts of service, we come to realize what these gifts are. Whether it is opening the door for another person, sharing compliments with a stranger, or cooking a meal for a family member, we all have talents that bless others. Discover these talents by serving others, and nurture them so that you can learn your value and purpose.

Try starting this practice by making it a goal to do one thing for another person everyday.

2. Practice gratitude

Even on the worst days, there are good things that happen to us. These good things don’t need to be big, once-in-a-lifetime gestures or opportunities. The fact that you are alive today is a blessing that can warrant some gratitude. Practicing gratitude helps us to celebrate positivity and good experiences, improve our health, deal with challenges, and strengthen relationships (Harvard Health, 2021).

Consider using a self-reflection journal and write down at least one thing in this journal every day/night that you are grateful for.

Pro Tip: Express gratitude towards yourself for things that you are proud of yourself for doing. Celebrating you will help you to develop a stronger relationship with yourself.

3. Plan for a better tomorrow

The pandemic has helped many to notice that tomorrow is not always guaranteed; nevertheless, we should always strive for a better tomorrow. Perhaps you noticed that today you did something that you should not have done. Maybe you cheated on a test or lied to a family member. Reflection is important for us to do because it helps us determine areas for improvement. Reflection isn’t suppose to be a time when we beat ourselves up because of our faults; rather, it is an opportunity for us to strive towards improvement.

Identify areas that you want to improve in, and track your progress. Write your progress down in a self-reflection journal. You will be pleased — and surprised! — at your drive and ability to achieve your goals.

Note to Self: This is a great chance to practice patience. You won’t always achieve your goals at the pace you want to; however, if you remain dedicated you will see growth overtime.


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